Saturday, October 21, 2006


Speaking of Diwali, we had a SPACE rendezvous planned for tonight. Originally it was going to a Brazilian restaurant, but earlier this afternoon I remembered a friend of mine at work inviting me to a big Diwali party he was going to. So rather last minute, we changed plans for our SPACE gathering to go to this party instead. The group in our car kept calling it either "Indianfest" or "Indianpalooza." Uh, right.

It was a lot of fun - we got there in time to see the end of a big theatrical production based on the story of Diwali and then afterwards got to eat some Indian food - which some of our SPACE people hadn't had before. No Tandoori chicken, but the rest of it was good good. The high school that it was held at was packed and everyone was dressed in some very neat looking Indian clothing - very beautiful.

Tonight was great opportunity to expose some of our students to Indian culture - what better way than during their biggest holiday. And it was a good chance for me to build on a relationship with a co-worker by accepting an invitation. It's a shame I haven't accepted more of these kinds of invitations.

And props to the students that came tonight - they live the adventure of new cultures, trying new foods and letting me make some unconventional plans for them...

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