Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some Quality E-Newsletters

Here are some e-newsletters I subscribe to. I thought maybe some of you readers might also be interested in some of them:

1. Caleb Project [Initiative 360] Missions Catalyst. New name now
Good quick source of both news briefs, mobilization resources and thought provoking ideas.

2. Brigada Today
Also a good source of the same kinds of things as above.

3. Weekly Word - YWAM Europe
Some good insights are found in a weekly newsletter written by Jeff Fountain, the director for YWAM Europe. See I told you we were interested in Europe.

4. World Focus Weekly
A small localized newsletter for mission people in the Balt-DC area of the US. Published by the Balt/DC branch of the US Center for World Mission. If you wanted to subscribe, send an email to

5. YS Update
Great resource for student ministry stuff. I find an intriguing link to either news or student culture in almost every update.
Subscribe at

6. [print] Mission Frontiers
You get this free if you have gone to the Perspectives class. Phenomenal magazine devoted to missions - published by the US Center for World Mission and the general editor is Ralph Winter [one of the world's great missiologists ].

Here are some things that I don't subscribe to - because they cost a bit of money. [Although I would certainly love to get them...]

* Evangelical Missions Quarterly

* Mission Maker Magazine

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