Friday, June 19, 2015


One of the absolute joys of my life - officiating the wedding of these two yesterday - Jeremiah and Emilie. Emilie was my first student missions intern in 2005 and eventually contributed at the highest level as a leader, helping lead a ton of stuff and make investments that continue to affect the world today. She was the first person that truly modeled the 'emerging global student leader' - a student that was interested in global cultures, loved airports, parents who didn't mind putting them on a plane and a passion for the world that erupted in action.

In that season, her family modeled adventure, risk, and being pioneers. Her parents have also always had the healthy perspective that your kids are only yours for a little bit because the Lord has a greater purpose for them after you have helped them grow.

Godspeed Jeremiah and Emilie - we can't wait to see how you change the course of human history.

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