Monday, June 29, 2015

Prague Team Meeting #7

Less than 30 days until departure and we are feeling it.

Our team meeting agenda included:
+ An intro to each of our team to Teal Rapp, director of recruiting for Christian Associates. Teal and I originally met in 2007 and have kept a fun working relationship on and off. The last two summers in Aix were part of working with him and he's the one that got us into this interesting missions experience for this summer. Teal is one of the most relational, entrepreneurial people that I know and his role of recruiting and shepherding people into potential cross cultural service fits him like a glove. That is Teal on the TV.
+ Mapping - both in calendars and looking at our physical locations.
+ More logistics planning for our actual 'program.' I can't tell you too much of this but it is a good kind of challenge as we base our plans on core values for our Camp Juice students, like having fun, spending time with each other, some fruits of the Spirit and utilizing our physical layout and structures as best we can.
+ Informally, we also talked about the discipleship square, high invitation-high challenge and the information-imitation-innovation triangle.

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