Monday, June 15, 2015

Prague Team Meeting #6

Highlights from our team meeting #6:
+ Video teaser production.
+ About 7 hours in DC together, mostly on Capitol Hill.
We visited the Barracks Row campus for National Community Church. Most everyone knows I love this church and we always take the opportunity to visit with student teams if we can. Visiting a different expression of Church is an Ember distinctive. Most of our teams, by nature of our context, have grown up in an affluent, suburban megachurch, and therefore don't always realize what a sociological anomaly they are. This doesn't serve them well if they get older and think that megachurches are the way church is everywhere in the world.
+ We also had them do a short cultural scavenger hunt around Capitol Hill. This was not only a team bonding activity, it was modeling what they will probably have to put together for Camp Juice when we get to Prague.
+ Tiny bit of logistical and programming update. More on that later.

UPDATE: Special guest Shannon Linden also joined us.

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