Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Burn

::: China's Copycat Cities
... a full-scale, no-expense-spared replica of the White House stands outside Hangzhou, while less exacting copies of the U.S. Capitol, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Sydney Opera House can be found in the village of Huaxi in Jiangsu province and elsewhere...
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::: Christian Technology Entrepreneurs
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::: What I Wish Someone Told Me About Vision from leaders of Fastest Growing Churches
My favorites:
+ The bigger you get the better your Sunday morning experience is. That draws spectators
+ ... more time Christians spend in church, it seems the farther they move away from God's original intention­­– to reach the lost.
+ I truly believe that the same vision that attacts some also repels others.

::: How to Live with Introverts
In the Sheng house, we call them strong 'I's.

Photo: Ember board of director, spawn, intern. Pen Lucy, Oct 2012.

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