Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My wife grew up in Fairfield, CT, probably 20 minutes down the road from Newtown. Both of her parents were public school teachers, my mother in law most recently teaching [she's now retired] in a town called Trumbull, which was the next town over from Newtown. My brother in law and his family live about 10 minutes from the school where the shootings happened. We've been tracking it like everyone else.

Clive Calver was the president of World Relief, based on Baltimore, from 2001 to 2005, and his family attended GRACE when he wasn't traveling. He since left World Relief to become the senior pastor at Walnut Hill Community Church, in Bethel, CT, down the street from Newtown.

In an area of the country that is certainly un-churched, post-churched or de-churched, Walnut Hill has launched 4 new campuses in the past 2 years. Now that they find themselves at the epicenter of the Sandy Hook shootings, I'd bet some money on Clive and his staff. We're tracking that too.

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