Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Burn

::: So, you wanna be a missionary.
[Related - The Creative Revenue Plan]

::: 2012's Fastest Growing and Shrinking Cities
Interested in learning you some Mandarin?

::: Ping Pong for a cause
I met Diallo in Sept of 2011 at M.

::: Valencia Spain - vision report.
History, Demographics, Culture, Spiritual Climate, Conclusions.
Most of you regular readers would love this.

::: We are equipped to disciple people into our church culture, we are not equipped to teach them how to be a disciple within culture. #Qrenewal - @KeithWaara

::: If we properly understand 'institution' then we realize that the NT Church has always been an institution. #mythoughtsfromQ #Qrenewal - @guywasko

Photo: Missional guides, post-SPACE, pre-Ember. NYC. March 2009.

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