Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recent Practices of the Trade

or maybe not so recent...

- Slant away from curriculum. Steal lots of pieces from lots of places but nothing is ever canned or completely reused. It is always recreated and contextualized.
- Be careful about evening meetings.
- Mark important things in books. Read all the way through the book and then go back through typing in notes.
- Always have an elec copy of your passport in your email
- Always pack a pair of clean underwear in your carry on
- Clarify the win when someone comes on board.
- Decompress with the team right after the project.
- Performance feedback to individuals within 24 hours.
- Catalyst is the primary paradigm
- Steal everything you can. Google chrome allows you to print stuff to a pdf and save it in google drive, all right from your browser. I have a BetterPractices folder for these kinds of docs.
- Make google reader your source for information. Yes you can read blogs with it. You can also create a feed for a search term and subscribe to that. Looking for something on craigslist - click RSS at the bottom and then subscribe to that.
- Been really happy with dreamhost hosting the ember site. Easy to create new domains, like blogs for the interns, and easy to install wordpress for them. If i started over, i would buy a domain, install wordpress on there and blog away.

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