Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Concepts Baseline

Part of our 2012 application process is going to include questions in a section called Missions Baseline [or something like that.] Essentially, we want to measure how well our students are understanding important missions concepts. A fantastic idea that was Trevins because it's one gauge to measure what we do.

Here's the initial list of questions:
Describe the term 'contextualization' and give a real life example.
Give the name of a redemptive analogy in our culture.
Give a definition of cultural distance and a real life example from your high school or college campus.
What is a person of peace and do you know one?
What is the relationship between social justice and evangelism?

Like I've said before, these are powerful concepts that students in our culture can understand and make use of.

UPDATE 2012-05-20 - We are calling this our Summer PreAssessment.


  1. Wow. I need to think through some of those myself.

  2. yeah - they are good huh? =)