Tuesday, May 03, 2011

May Kindling

+ This summer looks a lot different and low key than previous ones. Some different kind of projects that are still at the core of getting students moving. But I get this strange sense that something is brewing.
+ Collaborating with one of Ember's biggest fans, Chris, to put some of our better practices
and favorite people doing some video teaching for one of his student ministry venues.
+ Also working with a small group of college kids for something probably local, urban and catalytic.
+ Dropped in on a Perspectives class last night. For all the great content that the class gives, there needs to be some kind of follow up on discerning God's call, what's next in training [taking the class doesn't mean you know everything about missions], and why teams function on the mission field exponentially times better than individuals. [maybe future post]
+ Short term missions team preparation could be a cottage industry.
+ Since it's May, I'm supposed to tell you that if you haven't done any team gatherings to help prepare your summer missions team, you are shirking your leadership responsibility. Email me for more abuse. And some help.
+ Last May was probably one of the worst months of my life. My mother was in major meltdown and I was grieving a loss of the life I had known. This May is much, much different. Better.

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