Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I'm Going to Dream Year DC

Ok and one more... I'm attending the Dream Year Weekend in DC in early June. I've been reading Ben Arment's blog for years, starting when he had just planted History Church in a suburb of DC and then when he worked for Catalyst and now as he does his own creative projects. He's got stunning posts about leadership, teams and leveraging your gifts and talents. You should probably subscribe to his blog.

My wife gave me a requirement that before I started Ember, I take a business class. I ignored that which you know is a mistake =) But I'm pretty sure the Dream Year Weekend is a far better substitute [read through the Process.]

We are rubbing shoulders with probably the most entrepreneurial generation in history and their kingdom size dreams have the potential to do amazing things. I'm hopeful that I'll be learning some very practical stuff about bringing ideas to fruition and translating some of that to others.

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