Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Burn

A huge amount of stuff sitting in my Reader from a while ago. Enjoy.

::: 114 of the 184 best-paid athletes in the world play soccer

::: Bob Roberts [] notes from Q Portland.
My favorite line : "Serve not to convert but because converted."
The balance between social justice and evangelism is a tension to be managed, not a problem to be solved. [see Andy Stanley podcast]

::: Praxis Labs
Developed in collaboration with Q, Praxis is a mentorship-driven accelerator program for social entrepreneurs & innovators compelled by their faith to advance the common good.
Tons to learn here. Like:
+ Sustainable enterprise or donor model
+ Focus on measurable impact
+ Our Fellows are natural leaders who balance vision and execution.
Also, check out their A list of mentors.

:::: Justin on Generational Future of Missions
Long post - but I'm sure you'll get something valuable from it. Lots of futuristic stuff in here so you will either love it or hate it.

::: Effectiveness of Short Term Missions
What makes a difference, according to virtually all studies, is pre-trip training, on-site mentoring and follow-up after the trip. But researchers found post-trip follow-up by team leaders, usually from churches, schools or mission agencies, falls short.
Another missions cottage industry = facilitating post trip decompression.

::: 200 million minutes per day
Spent on Angry Birds. Wow - that's way worse than football in the Fall...
Link via Mark Riddle

::: Marcus Buckingham's Three Favorite Books
So much more in here like leadership versus managers, why the Tipping Point is so good, and chess versus checkers when you are in charge.

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