Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mobilizing from the Sofa

Ember celebrates a few bright spots this week with some amazing college students leaving the comforts of home to immerse themselves in other cultures and contribute to God's purposes around the world. I'm amazed at their courage, their ability to adapt and their willingness to change in light of these experiences. And these people were like this before they met us.

And of course, I would love to be traveling with them too. Some of my favorite experiences have been newly seeing a context through the eyes of someone else - watching a high school kid see the Grand Canyon for the first time, climbing the
Arc de Triomphe
with my family, watching my daughter swim in the Danube.

Sometimes, mobilizing is traveling with some of your favorite people, helping them process, engage and learn from amazing experiences. Other times, it's watching expectantly from your international office as those same favorite people blaze their own trail of adventure.

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