Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Future Missions Pastor

Last weekend, I watched Casely teach on being a good guest. Born in Ghana, married to Angela who is Ugandan, I heard him deftly address subtle yet significant concepts of crossing cultures. Stuff like how cultures interpret power, are you going to a time-controlled or interaction-controlled context, and the difference between the initiative of those with a self-help value versus a birthright value. Stuff that you and I - who were born and raised here in America - think we know. I was a little shocked because I thought I knew this stuff. You probably think you do too.

Casely represents the future of American mission pastors. In the future that's presenting right now, Christianity booms in the global south. Suburbs are exponentially getting diverse. The context for 'missions' is becoming a varied mix of global+local. An emerging generation natively understands diversity, inclusion and community. This is the future where our churches need a kind of leadership that deeply understands the developing world, has a pulse on the way the globe really looks and is able to walk their communities through deep engagement of being a good guest.

There's a handful of missions pastors whose work I know is phenomenal. But global Christianity isn't orbiting around America. So I'm hopeful that more and more Caselys take on this kind of leadership for their communities of faith.

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