Friday, October 22, 2010

Tracking #capetown2010 - 2

Another post highlighting some interesting and cool stuff coming out of Capetown 2010.

+ Capetown got hacked - Link

+ Who got invited to Capetown - representative of the global church - Link

+ Cities
[See my notes from one of the advance papers here.]
People are moving into the cities faster than the church is moving into the city.
Churches in the city need to:
Extremely patient with charges of cultural insensitivity – as they have more cultures involved and more potential criticism. Churches outside of a city don’t have to deal with that conflict.
Show people how their work links to their faith as they live and work in the same city. Too often we disciple by bringing people into the context of the church and outside of the work place.
Constantly open to disorder and change.
Intensely evangelistic and famous for its concern for justice.
Attentive to the arts.
Co-operative with other churches and denominations – you’ll never reach the city without partnership.
[Yes, this is quite different from the operating culture of my suburban church.]

We're witnessing big numbers of diaspora churches – reaching out to their peoples but also preaching the gospel to their host nation. [Diaspora churches - faith communities of migrant peoples outside of their natural country.]

Juan Pablo Bongartra (Argentina) shares on development in Buenos Aires through increasing unity between the churches. Now implementing a plan to:
- Shepherd the City – a brother or sister is now in charge of each of the 12,000 blocks in the city – to develop a personal relationship and prayer – at the moment in over 6,000 blocks! [and you think we dream big...]
The above notes from Chris Kidd

+ Leadership
[See my notes from one of the advance papers here.]

+ Why is there such a shortage of Christ-centred leaders?: so-called "leadership training programmes" don’t really prepare people to lead in the real world, people have credentials but they can’t lead.
+ Too many of our leaders today are not Christ-like
+ We are doing a poor job of leadership development through our existing programs today!
+ The quest for significance – a fractured spirituality is widespread.
+ We have a leadership problem:
Christ-like leadership is not a luxury, but a necessity.
Providing opportunities for leaders to grow is critical to a healthy, vibrant, transformational, multiplying Church.
We must be wise stewards of the resources available because the future of the Church is at stake.
Commit to becoming a more Christ-like leader
Release and enable others, and intentionally find, use and promote the very best in leadership development resources.
The above notes from Chris Kidd [again - tons of great notes]

[Post update:
I would have loved to have seen some follow up to this paper with some examples/case studies of orgs/people that are doing a good job with global leadership missions development.]

+ Deanna recommends watching this video from IJM India on the global slave issue
Be prepared - it's powerful. And sickening.

@krishk : Why do we have to chose between prioritising evangelism or justice: we don't chose between priorities of bible study or prayer #capetown2010

@ChrisHeuertz : Boom. Hilarious... just heard someone say the Lausanne meetings are basically Urbana for adults. Damn.

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