Monday, October 11, 2010

Cam 2006 revisit

We had a get together with Gilles Naine last weekend - he and his family live in Yaounde, Cameroon working with high school kids. They hosted a team that I led in 2006 and then hosted another SPACE team in 2008. We had a great time catching up with some people from both of those teams.

What's most impressed me about G is his sense of catalytic leadership. They've always known their time in Cameroon, as white people, is limited and that Cameroonians will impact their country more than they can. He is always on the look out for emerging indigenous leaders and the investment into these leaders is central to their ministry. He's been meeting for a few years with a small group of students that he calls their 'Timothys' and now those students are starting to take over things. Exciting to hear that some of the students we met in 2006 have now owned their faith and are influencing others in the same way.

Cross cultural workers with exit strategies are bright spots.


  1. Good post, Tony. Thanks Does Gilles have any contact with CABTAL, the Cameroonian Bible Translation organisation? There are some awesome people working there and they have good links into the student world.

  2. thanks eddie! i don't know if gilles has any contacts in there but i will point him to your comment and contact info via email. thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Yes indeed, Tony and Eddie, we do have contacts with CABTAL, very good friends actually. Blessings and thanks or hosting G, Tony and Deanna...we love you guys!