Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Antidote - Generate - Collective - Upstream

I just submitted a proposal for a leadership event at GRACE slated for early 2011. We'll see if it really flies or not but I'm excited about the potential. Even though the Christian conference space is way over-saturated, there is almost always value in gathering leaders when we facilitate them connecting and inspiring each other. Hopefully this event creates an environment to do that with a lot of context as a backdrop. Tell you more about it if it gets wings.

Some other ideas that have framed this:
+ always, always, always bring in an ideator [TMurray...]
+ distributed - one speaker to a passive audience doesn’t work anymore.
+ interactive - note that Capetown 2010 broke 5000 people into table groups of 6.
+ The TED commandments
+ how to organize the room
+ the producer versus the artist
+ no wired microphone, a handheld microphone or a podium microphone.

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