Monday, January 12, 2009

Distance Team Preps

Here is a rough outline of some of the phone chats and topics I've been diving into with this team leader for an overseas team departing in the late Spring.

#1 - overall, partnership, will host church be doing admin, sample application, recruiting the right people, mission trips are not reform school.
#2 - support raising, who will lead with you, uniting the team, travel logistics, backwards milestones based on time line, optimal team sizes, how you will say no to those that may not be a great team fit.
#3 - more support, using the MBTI, key goals for team preps [unity and ministry skills],
#4 - outline of the first official team meeting [which happened this past weekend] - overall project goals, partner goals, brainstorm your own personal goals, tracking and emphasis on support materials getting out, response cards.

More fun with this team soon.
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