Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7,000 hours

KevGN and I have been discussing this 10,000 hour principle from Gladwell's Outliers. Here are some thoughts:

- If you do something for a vocation, you can get there in about 5 years. 40 hours a week = 2000 hours a year = about 5 years.
- This means you really need to love what you do. And that's the rub - what is it that you want to do?
- I think I've got about 7,000 hours in this student missions thing.
- I've noticed that there were a few iterations related to significant milestones of hours. At 2000 hours, then again at 5000 hours, and now at 7000 hours, there were significant redefinitions of what I do. I wonder if other people have seen that pattern as well.
- Maybe an inherent part of being an expert is being able to reinvent what you do. Picture a commitment to the core yet a flexibility and insight to the culture and environment that you find yourself in.

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