Friday, January 09, 2009

Blessing Your Mission Team

Leader.... In five years, I had an amazing number of people serve and bless me in some extraordinary ways.

+ The missions board got a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for me and D as a Christmas gift.
+ The student ministry paid my way cross country to a conference.
+ Right after our family returned home from being overseas with a student team, two families brought us dinner. that was a god send.
+ The oh-so many thank you notes, cards and written affirmations.
+ Being asked to write recommendation letters, to be a mentor, to give counsel or advice.
+ Offers to do some of the legwork for getting a team ready, including shuttling students to vaccination appointments, running paperwork for foreign visas or purchasing materials/supplies.
+ Helping a certain leader vindicate himself from moving violations involving church vans. [Oh wait, no one did that... ;-)]

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