Friday, January 02, 2009

Catalyst West Coast

Just registered on Wednesday [the early bird fees] for Catalyst West Coast. There are three of us that are going together - MPM [who you readers know about] and GKlas [whose two daughters have traveled around with me via SPACE], one of the most entrepreneurial people you will ever meet. It's going to be a blast processing with these two.

The first day of the conference is what they are calling the Origins Lab day - a workshop/breakout day. This lab day is the combination of Catalyst and Mosaic staff, Origins in the past being Mosaic's leadership conference. I'm looking forward to this the most since Origins 2005 was such a watershed experience for me personally.

Below is some of the write up from the website. Let me know if you are going to be there too.
The Event:
Catalyst West is a gathering of 3,000 next generation leaders from all over the world for three days of teaching, worship and exploration of what's possible for the church. Catalyst is a revolution of ideas: here, you'll get permission to challenge the process and think unconventionally. Join a movement of influencers who are passionate about impacting their communities, their churches and their culture for Christ.

Who is coming:
Catalyst attracts the most influential leaders from ministries, non-profits and companies. These are the do-ers, influencers and cultural architects of the future who share your desires and dreams. These are people are hungry for new information and eager to share it. Who want to be inspired, challenged and engaged. Who come together to ask questions, and seek answers and experience lasting change.

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