Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Burn

::: A letter from Bill Gates
Must read including these significant concepts:
- Population growth : Reducing the number of childhood deaths actually reduces population growth.
- Agricultural innovation : Almost every country that has become wealthy started with a huge increase in farming productivity.
- Context is important : In order to convince enough families to participate in the polio campaign, you need not only dedicated teams that track down all the children but also a clear message from political, tribal, and religious leaders that the vaccine is safe and should be taken.
- Do you know what a microbicide is?
- Monte Carlo Simulations and malaria vaccines
Link via Jeff Shinabarger

::: Manga Messiah
If you don't know what manga is, you should look it up.

::: Who is Tom Peter's #1 Entrepreneur?
Wendy Koop, who started Teach for America

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