Saturday, April 26, 2008

World Malaria Day 2008

Today is World Malaria Day. If you are a long time reader, you know that this blog has talked about malaria a bunch of times before and you already know that it is a global issue that is totally preventable with the right kind of investment.

I'll quote Jeffrey Sachs once again:
300 million sleeping sites in Africa that need protection from malaria
anti-malaria bed net costs $5 and last five years - $1 a year
multiple kids sleep under one
total investment - $1.5B for 5 years
the most amazing bargain of our time
Two ways to make a difference right now:

+1 United Nations Foundation -
+2 Compassion and Youth Specialties -

One of the tenets of this blog is to motivate you to do something and it would be fun that if you are a part of SPACE and feel compelled enough about this issue, that you give to one of those movements linked above. It's $10 meaning that you could forgo the movies once this weekend. And in light of all the support raising you are involved in right now for your summer teams, it's a little counterintuitive. But that's the Gospel, right. If you give, leave a comment.

300 million sleeping sites. minus what SPACE does.

Oh and thinking about a career in the biological sciences? How about becoming an expert in malaria?

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