Monday, April 21, 2008

Hungary Mid April Update

We had another fun meeting with the 2008 Hungary team this afternoon. Really amazing team - so talented, energetic and ready to serve. Here are a few highlights of where this team is at currently:

- Finances : About 10%
- Program : We have outlined the overall theme of the kids program. We have also identified specific elements and how they will fit together. The next step is putting some of that on paper [for example: what crafts for what days/video storyline on this day to fit with this topic, etc.]
- Travel : With 26 people, it's going to be interesting. But we have our initial lodging in Vienna booked - Vienna City Hostel.
- Various : Sending invitations to the CAI kids in advance possibly, a few souvenirs for them to take home, working on some team fundraisers like window washing and a restaurant night and our all SPACE silent auction
- I'm also working with each of the adult leaders on some bigger picture things - either helping to prepare and expand SPACE for the future and/or making some serious investments in this particular team. This is a big difference from last year and although last year's team was great, I'm much more intentional about this element for this coming summer. Tell you more about that later too, but this is one of the parts that I love.
- The biggest challenge I'm running into this summer, with this team and all of our teams, is empowering others. Giving permission and authority to others doesn't ever seem to get any easier, but you don't have a choice.

Photo: 23 of the 26 members on Hungary 2008.

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