Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday RocketFuel

::: John Eldredge's blog
Link via Ben Arment
Starting next week, I'm growing Eldredge hair.

::: Tim Keller on Cities
+ The Grace OF the City -
God says that the city is a gift of God for humanity
+ The Grace IN the City -
4 orders in humanity - Economic, Cultural, Residential, Political/Legal
Cities - all together
Suburbs - all segregated
+ Grace FOR the City....
NYC - it's expensive... Across the Hudson River, you keep 12% more of your income. Most people are here to USE the city... Which means REVOLVING door....
You have to have the grace to care about the city instead of your name. Default of your heart is to make a name....
From the Q conference, via Scott Hodge

::: Profile of Larry Brilliant, head of
In Brilliant's view, what the planet needs today is not simply the invention of a cleaner way to generate energy or better schools in developing nations but a transformation of human consciousness. "It's a matter of human will," he says. "And that's where my optimism comes from, because I've seen awful things that were solved by the projection of a positive, and I would say loving, human will."

::: The Lord's Boot Camp
CBS does an expose on Teen Missions this coming Saturday night. I'm going to have to get a copy of this to watch.
Link via Bob Carlton
[Related: My time at Teen Missions, June 2004]

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