Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not Enough Time for Perfection

Every summer [or practically all the time depending on how you look at it], we make some mistakes. Sometimes logistics, sometimes staffing, sometimes bad decisions. I spent a little bit of time last week trying to fix a potentially bad decision, working through it with a fabulous group of leaders. Not the first time, certainly not the last.

I like to think that we have open lines of communication so that our leaders and our students are free to tell us when we have messed up. If you are a student, your leader would love to talk with you. If you are a team leader, I would love to talk with you. We won't be offended and will try to fix it as best we can. I also like to think that we are trying to learn from our mistakes too. So when we mess up, because we are learning, I will listen to my wife about the specific hotel we should stay in. [Hi D!]

But the big one here is that we shouldn't be afraid to fail. It's okay and even preferable to try something that hasn't been tried before, to pursue it when we aren't sure of the outcome, to move forward with an amount of uncertainty. What we are doing requires us to go at a certain rate of momentum and that brings a bit of ambiguity. And that is the point of where we really learn. Because the world can't afford for you and I to sit around until our plans are perfect.

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