Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Before the Bridge

While driving to CT for the SPACE Winter Expedition this past January, we watched the film "The Guardian." If you've seen the movie, you know it's a modern day paradigm for rescuing the lost [So Others May Live.] Sacrifice is also one of the themes in the movie and as we drove over The Tappan Zee bridge, we discussed the question, "how much would you sacrifice for someone else? " I mentioned the story of Daniel Santos, who jumped off the bridge after a woman who tried to commit suicide, jumping 140 feet into the Hudson River. [When I told the story, I got the height of the bridge wrong.]

Just last week, two people jumped off the bridge to commit suicide, within one hour of each other. Both died at the scene.

"So far nothing has helped make it [the bridge] less alluring to would-be suicides. Four suicide hot line telephones were installed last year, on both ends of the bridge. None have been used."

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