Monday, February 26, 2007

I Resigned Today

Well, here is some more big news. Before I get into that, thanks to everyone who responded and prayed after the last big news update - the one about my dad and our puppy. I really should have updated before now, but anyway. With regards to my dad, he is doing great. He had colon surgery in late November and then has been on chemo since then. He's almost done with that and has not been having many side effects at all. And our puppy Phoebe is doing great as well. You would never know she had a kidney issue. Maybe that healing ceremony worked...

On to the next news - I just resigned from my job - literally like 20 minutes ago [talk about breaking news over blogs huh?]. After 12 years of working within the Information Technology division of a large telecommunications company, I have recently accepted a position at a technical services company. I'll be doing the same kind of work in information technology, specifically database administration and engineering. I'm really looking forward to the job and employer change although I know it's going to certainly change some things. For starters, I'm looking forward to: having weekends again [I've worked an average of 24 weekends for each of the past three calendar years], returning to the hands-on database engineering I used to do instead of "managing" the work, and a change in scenery.

I do realize that there are going to be adjustments that have to be made. I'm going to have to get to know a whole group of new colleagues. I anticipate that technically I am going to have to dig deep, learn fast and provide value right from the start. Our daily schedule will change a bit. Things could potentially change with SPACE as well. It's a bit nerve wracking - it's been a *long* time since I've had to start a new job. But it is the right thing to do. You know, deep change or slow death.

In the meantime, I'm taking some of my vacation time between now and my last day here, D and I are getting away this weekend, working on SPACE stuff for this summer, got a neat blogger opportunity I will tell you about later this week and other stuff to keep me busy. Very excited - I've been waiting for this for quite a while now.

Now everybody at once, deep exhale.

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