Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday Aug 2 - Day 8

We close and depart camp early this afternoon. It's been a really fun time and the Cameroonian kids seem to think so too, by their request for pictures with us, getting our email info and having us sign these Frisbees we brought from the States. Frisbees were a new thing for them here. It's another fortunately uneventful trip home, except NLind's suitor, who after repeatedly trying to get her phone number, jots his down and throws it at her through the window.

We've been told since we've been here to wash our hands a lot so as to not pick up something. So far, I'm working on emptying my third bottle of Purrell. Even with that, I've developed a weird stomach ache this afternoon. I think I know what's coming next.

We arrive back to the Nens house in Yaounde around dinner time. Shortly afterwards, our team is split as they all go back to their respective host families for dinner and the rest of the night. It feels great to be back here, a strange small feeling of home in a far away land.

Although the camp was definitely a fantastic experience, it is only a piece of the overall ministry strategy, significant for our time here but by no means the only piece. Camp was a flashpoint of momentum - there was a ton of work that went into taking initiative, building relationships, camp invitations even before camp started. G and his team have already put into place followup for using that momentum - three small groups that meet in neighborhood proximity around town. Take note - these are the first high school small groups that meet in Yaounde for the Navigators - ever, possibly for any student ministry ever. In terms of our team, and SPACE as a whole, the strategy in Yaounde fits perfectly. A local, indigenous team on the ground. A long term plan. An immediate followup.

It's being shortsighted to consider our team's impact only on these 37 students. I don't think its too audacious to consider all of Yaounde being changed because 37 kids started to live big lives, intent on serving others and impacting their country. Given enough time, all of Yaounde and all of Cameroon.

Photos: All of camp; NLind and some digits; Frisbee signing.

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