Thursday, August 03, 2006

Word from Cameroon

Hi parents,

Sorry for the lack of updates. The team is doing great – there are some slight stomach issues and L got a small dog bite by the N's dog. L did talk to her mom, and we are treating accordingly. Good thing they both got all their shots.

The team has done a great job with the youth camp, which finished on Wednesday. Lot of friendships were made, 4 students made decisions and the indigenous youth worker team here got some great momentum. Tomorrow is a visit to a tech school in the morning, followed by visiting some first time ever student small groups – as a follow up from camp – and then a Nav gathering to say goodbye to us. We depart from Yaounde on Sat evening and land in Paris Sunday morning.

Thanks for praying, please pray for:
- that our stomach issues would go away
- for L’s ankle
- that our flights would be on time
- that our time in Paris would be a great time of encouraging our team as they come back to the states and what they will do with the experience

Thanks again, your kids are pretty awesome!
Tony for the team

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