Thursday, August 17, 2006

Staring at 2006 - 2007

I can hardly believe it - but next school year is looming in our faces already. Regarding SPACE, it means that I'm late to the party in terms of thinking about next year. Because summer doesn't mean a break for SPACE people - in fact it means more work than through the year - it's a different kind of cycle than other people in the student ministry. So we will just do the best we can.

Here is a recap of goals from last year with some commentary. I'll be post something about 2006-2007 goals soon. HA.

2005-2006 goal: Build the next generation of mission leaders
3 year view picture:
3 teams (LC, NYC and DC) of 36 people
7 leaders - 5 of those were students - 71%
approx $7,500
3 teams (LC, Brasil and Trinidad) of 37 people
12 leaders - 10 were students - 84%
approx $27,000
5 teams (LC, Merge, DC, LA and Cameroon) of 68 people
20 leaders - 16 were students - 80%
approx $52,000

2005-2006 goal: Engage middle/high school students to impact GCC kidzone kids
implement: partner with children's ministry to run SPACEcamp, summer 2006
goal not met
unrealistic goal - a bit too large to pull off at this point in time - also with the move into the new building during 1/2006, not quite the right time
I believe this is still a long term goal - some kind of partnership with childrens ministry to do something very cool. Timing will be right eventually.

2005-2006 goal: Continue to provide missional, impactful community service environments
- DC - Sept - goal met - Baltimore homeless experience
- DC festival - Oct - goal met - Luis Palau festival with SPACE crew
- the raking bus - Nov - goal met
- Orbit - early Dec - goal met
not in original goal - CT winter expedition
not in original goal- Senior NYC mission weekend

2005-2006 goal: Continue to send summer teams to GCC missionaries
goal met with Cameroon and LC teams

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