Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sort of a Break?

Alright, I'm not quite taking a break. If you haven't noticed, I'm doing a lot on blogger, just back dating. It is a huge deal for me to write up posts regarding the recent trip. Huge but very good for me, I process well when I write. Very theraputic for me. Check out the Cameroon Metapost for when posts get updated.

Besides the posting about our trip, I'm trying to come as close as I can to closing the summer financially. We are still a significant amount away, it's going to be close. And that PrayingMantis - he sent me, among other things, an Amadeo Church tattoo. Not your father's pastor.

I've had this stomach thing since August 2. It's been more annoying than anything and has required some rather sharp eyes while traveling. I took my worm medicine that the Nens gave us and I think it might have cleared it up. Now, about those hamburgers I have been craving.

D is away for the weekend at Women of Faith in CT. On Saturday we are getting a new puppy - and yes, she knows. Believe it or not it was her idea.

Read this article entitled Rise of the Aerotropolis. Significant impact on human culture and connection.

FZ emailed me a response to a question I had for her that said, "I thought you were taking a break." I would love to take a break, but the world doesn't have much time left....

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