Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The SPACEintern doesn't sleep, she dreams

More fun with the SPACEintern tonight. We sat down to map out the Spring and what it looks like. Since she has taken on the responsibility and risk of being our first intern, I wanted to give her a chance to see her dreams and visions come to fruition. It was great fun to sit and dream a little bit.

A few of the cool things that we did or talked about during our dream session:
- a matrix of all potential summer mission team leaders and mission localities
- a slightly different way to do summer mission prep
- some concepts and principles she wants to capture for her senior intern project (basically another Black Hole, but for her class)
- a few launches/excursions centered around the beach (???)
- the first ever SPACE weekend expedition in late January (much more to come about this)
- all the people I need to get in touch with to make some of this happen

Of course, there is much more to tell about all of these things. But I can't divulge many of the details to some of you readers, since that would taint your SPACE experience. But don't worry, soon enough.

We did a lot of dreaming and not too much concrete planning, which was totally fine with me. Overall, two things stood out to me. #1 - She bleeds this stuff. #2 - The harvest is ripe.

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