Saturday, November 05, 2005

Are you a missiologist?

You start to become a missiologist when you want to explore how Jesus and the Bible call us into mission. Missiologists get drawn into looking at the many nuances of mission, such as:
What makes mission good or bad?
What kinds of mission create dependencies?
What kinds build capacity for the local community?
In what ways can mission efforts collaborate by forming networks?
What are the new successes - and new mistakes - people are making in mission?
What is the impact of short-term mission teams on the communities they visit?
Do we support nationals in mission or send in missionaries?

Also missiologists:
- Will want to read what other missiologists are thinking.
- Will want to reflect on the principles of mission with seriousness no matter whether we can influence just a few or a great number of people.
- Almost naturally produce materials others can use in guiding, preparing, preaching, teaching, and training in mission.
- Sense that God definitely wants to mobilize the whole Christian Body for the missional purpose of Christ's Church.
- Have a conviction that God means much more than assisting a few who might become exceptionally involved in missional activities and commitment. God's entire church is a missionary church.

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