Monday, November 28, 2005

Three conversations

I've had three phenomenal conversations in the past few weeks. Significant conversations with people that are in and around the SPACE universe. (I know, corny corny...)
- People that I have spent quite a bit of time with, they have been involved in a bunch of SPACE stuff.
- They are going way past the experiences they have already had and seeking to build on that.
- Involving ideas like 'I want to be investing in people even more,' 'I want to live as a missionary,' 'I want to be involved with Gods heart for justice'
- Doing things that SPACE never really dreamed of

Simply having people be involved with SPACE and really eat up the mission and vision is such a cool thing, students that are like that really energize me. But to have people come out of a SPACE experience and go on and do more, thats something totally different. And I think this is one of the essences that we must strive for - to prepare students to do something more in the future. To know that SPACE is not an end to itself but the mere beginning for living a life of impact. For students to understand their lives are God's chosen plan to bless the world and live and make significant decisions accordingly. These three conversations - and individuals (you know who you are) - are making it all worth it.

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