Tuesday, November 08, 2005

SPACE prep ingredients

1 SPACEintern with lots of energy and creativity
1 vehicle with gas
2 flashlights
7 potential yards that we can rake on Saturday
7 good sets of directions to potential yards (so we were missing one set of *good* directions... we had directions, they weren't just that good)
1 bamboo plant that we bought at a grocery store - I don't know why bamboo, but they looked cool and I like being different
1 big smiley face balloon
1 recipient of aforementioned balloon and bamboo plant - a junior in our ministry that just had brain surgery last week, shes doing great by the way - we are going to rake her house and stopped in to visit

Whats left?
- Take a look at one more house and get the right directions.
- Pick up church van on Friday. Maybe put some of the seats back in.
- Finalize count and number of buses on Thurs. (I think only one unless the count goes berzerk.)
- Figure out intro activity for when students arrive and mingle. (Intern)
- See if we can still buy the launch gift idea. If not, do a little more thinking.
- Straighten up my house for lunch.

Photo: bamboo

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