Thursday, May 19, 2005

Inviting the Team

Now that my mission team actually has a viable destination, I just finished putting together the info packets to the potential team members. Last night, E and I drove around the county visiting dropping off the packets to potential team members.

[ Sidebar 1: I used to firmly believe in the rule of having a parents meeting for every mission experience. If you take kids somewhere, you should get the parents together so they can ask questions, see you face to face, etc. I'm not sure I believe that anymore. I had some of the best interaction with parents that I have ever had before. Maybe instead of parents meetings, it should be the kind of thing I did last night - personal invitations, short, light, fun, allowing one on one questions and feedback. ]

I have a few spots open on this team and am thinking about who else might be a great fit to come along with us. A few parameters come to mind:

1 - A learner
I want to bring students that are learners. I would love a team of people that are willing to grow, to understand another culture, to see another manifestation of the Kingdom in another country.

2 - A servant
I know that going to another country is going to be hard work. It will require people that will serve not only one another, but people that are willing to serve someone they have never met, or serve for a purpose that they will never see.

[ Sidebar 2: In 1994, I took a team to the Dominican Republic for 25 days. I got really sick. Reading the CDC site for Brazil reminded me of my condition. I want to do this again? How much am I willing to serve and sacrifice, like I'm calling these kids to do? ]

3 - A student that can attract others
Transformation is what I'm after. These students that come along to this are hopefully going to be changed. Changed by what they see of God working in another country, changed by living in another culture, changed by serving and encouraging others. Even moreso, I'm looking for these kids to come home and catalyze change in others. They are the change agents that God will use among their peers. The more that they can attract others to the mission that they have been exposed to, the better.

Photo: K dressed up in traditional African garb, as part of Teen Missions Mustard Seed Boot camp, summer of 2004.

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