Saturday, May 07, 2005

Prom 05

These are the days of Prom here in Howard County. For some of you, thinking about your high school prom might trigger great memories of fancy outfits, great prom dances, best friends forever and of course, their best motives. For the other 90%...

Well, thats not really fair is it? I, actually, never went to a Prom. But I do know how memorable it can be for a student and their parents. This afternoon, I was over across the street taking a picture of a high school senior and his mom, right before he was to depart for the night of magic.

Prom is an inherent part of the culture of high school. It's important as youthworkers we don't forget that.

Photo: A picture I pulled from flickr under the tag "prom." Hilarious, huh?

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