Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Deanna!

A long time ago, before she was my wife, Deanna told me that she liked to travel. This was a stark contrast from me, I almost never went out of my zip code. Little did I know.

Fast forward a few decades, years and moments, and last summer we found ourselves in the Middle East, both for the first time. It was incredible to meet so many parents of university bound kids, just like us. From misunderstood cities and countries and cultures, in a region of the world also many times misunderstood, my wife engaged each one of them as a curious visitor, a listening ear, and a new friend. Maybe they just wanted to speak to a blonde American.

In these strange and tense times, Deanna reminds us that perhaps the best gift to a crazy world is being a kind, listening visitor with the perspective of blessing others because we have been blessed.


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