Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Burn

::: What I Learned Growing an 8 Figure Business
What very few entrepreneurs realize, though, is that it’s much easier to grow your business through your current customers than it is to go out and find a whole bunch of new customers. Challenge: How would you 2x your business if you COULD NOT get any new customers?
Iterate the way you communicate
Communication is the single biggest challenge I DID NOT expected as our business scaled.

::: How to Respond When Someone Expresses Initial Interest in Missions

::: As We Become Cameras
Fascinating read on the smartphone camera becoming ubiquitous and how watches went through a similar transition.
Humanity’s appetite for time grew on a similarly aggressive curve.
Before the industrial revolution, it was uncommon for clocks to have minute hands. Only a very select class could afford a private timepiece until the 20th century.
Until the 1840s, time was local and highly variable. Each town set its own clock, from which private clocks would be roughly set by hand. The time in Pittsburg might be 27 minutes earlier than that in New York and no one much cared.

::: Pack twice the money and half the gear. - Anonymous


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