Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Italy Monday - Missions Roundtable

One of the best things we do while teams are on the field is to facilitate a 'missions roundtable' where we gather current cross cultural people and curate an interactive conversation with young people around the ideas of context and calling. We were fortunate to be able to do this last night with Ryan, Shane and Hillary.

A very small selection from an incredibly rich conversation:
Sicily is relationship based you need an intro
250k towns villages without gospel preaching church
1% evangelical in Italy
Italy not majority urban
Most people here are in small towns
Felt like it was leaving home and not going home when leaving Italy
Migration is a huge piece of God's plan

Who you go with might be more than where you go
What you go with might be more important than what you go do
this means thinking a lot about spouse church agency team
Get good at gratitude
Solve big problems

20 plus years in business helped me get to vocational missions
I'm an execution guy not an idea guy, this is what I did in the business world
Little small steps of obedience
Your own directions that the Lord has been leading - talents
Follow how the Lord has been leading - your talents, gifting, passions
At the same time keep your antenna up
God uses all of it

Photo: Kelsey, Tess, Ryan, Shane, Hillary, EmCrum.

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