Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hillsong Wednesday

+ There are lots of people here. So people movement is a bit challenging, like seating, bathrooms, food, pick up for kids etc.
+ Brian Houston did a fabulous session on Eph 4 and APEST - really great content. The bonus was short interviews with some of his personal friends who each embodied each of the roles. I loved how he termed Hillsong in this : 'apostolic grace.'
+ 'The apostolic are the only ones that can recieve messages from the prophetic well.'
+ There was a segment called Spheres which was all short talks from various people in a variety of domains hence Spheres. Speakers included an Olympian, a teacher, a singer who had just competed in the X Factor, Hillsongs global communications director and a whole heap of others. So so good.
+ One of the Spheres speakers was a sneaker designer for Nike who was a part of the design for the first sneaker focused on the disabled community. Look this up.

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