Sunday, July 24, 2016

Italy Sunday

Went to church this am at a faith community that has pulled some resources and connections to be pretty engaged with the refugee issues here. Loved the service even though I didn't understand a bit of it. Had lunch with some expat families here in town. Lots of interesting connections and collaboration around this issue here.

After lunch, we drove part of the way up Mt. Etna, which is an active volcano. Gives tangible meaning to 'we throw fire.'

One of our team members wasn't feeling well around dinner time so we decided to take her to see a doctor, which in this city means going to the emergency room. Of course, we went to the 'wrong' one the first time. Always a cultural experience and lucky for us, our doctor spoke perfect English and trained in the DC area. MB is feeling a little bit better though and had a full clean bill of health, including a chest xray, an EKG and full blood work. That doctor though, what a gift.

More pictures here.

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