Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Burn

::: Six Mistakes in Leading High Performers
British explorer and Mount Everest climber George Mallory identified three core characteristics of any high performer:
+ Inborn Initiative - They are drawn to complete things, to "win."
+ Positive Perseverance - They are not easily swayed, distracted, or stymied.
+ Superb Skill - They have exceptional abilities in at least one area, and can handle complex tasks and learn quickly.

::: Making a Career from Adventure
Or turning a hobby into a job.
Link via kottke

::: A Path Appears - Part 1
Nick Kristof writes about Magdelene, a two year residential program in Nashville for victims of human trafficking, and the subsequent business called Thistle Farms. This article is some great background to part 1 of the PBS special called A Path Appears, focused on domestic human trafficking, that was on earlier this week. Fantastic show - part 2 is on next week and the conclusion is on the following week. Highly recommended.

::: Can You Guess the Language Being Spoken

Photo: moving violation, Yonkers, NY. Jan 2013.

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