Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Burn

::: The Biggest Barrier to College Students Going to the Mission Field
This is a fantastic read that should be required for global missions pastors and people that work with students. Hint - it is not debt.
Link via Julianna

::: 2015 Bible Minded Cities
If you are looking to start something from scratch related to missional imagination, you should seriously consider the column of cities on the right.

::: Are You as Passport Expert?

::: 3 Simple Forcing Functions That Will Multiply Your Productivity
These are super good.

::: Can You Name These Cities By their Subway Maps?

::: 8 Reasons Full Time Pastors go Bivocational

::: A Teenager's View on Social Media - 2015

::: Good leaders get decisions. Great leaders get committments. @RobJacobs_

Photo: JTimmons, Bandol, France. July 2014.

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