Monday, May 12, 2014

ProtoGuide 2014 ends

Loved being a part of the Intern/Mentor reception at Hammond High a few weeks ago. Every year that I go, I'm always amazed at the talent of high school kids in our county and the types of internships they work at.

Ember is so fortunate for this program, for it lets kids study something really deeply outside of a normal class or outline. And in our case, we've tried our very best to make it experiential and contextualized to topics the students are interested in. And it's a win for us too because these kids keep us young and we love having their help for our various projects.

And we do love the name: ProtoGuide.

Photo: Terah, Tessa, Measu, me. [Tessa, who is on the Ember 14X team, interned with Terah at Grace Community Church.]

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