Monday, May 19, 2014

It Has Only Been Six Years

In the summer of 2008, John and Drew, as 15 year olds, accepted my crazy proposition - join me for an experience serving international church planters and their families in the beautiful context of Sopron, Hungary, a little vacation village outside of Vienna Austria. One year later, they were Ember's first leadership experiments, helping create and shape the ethos for a global student leadership internship we now call ProtoGuides.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, May 2014, six years after the first experience together, they both have just finished college and being embarking on a fantastic future. Drew was just commissioned as a Second Lieutenant with the US Army, spending the summer traveling through the east and south of Africa. Drew will report to active duty later this year in Georgia. John starts a year long travel adventure, first giving his leadership gifts to an Ember team going to France and then through Greece and Turkey to start with, all as part of some 'global missional scoping', as he calls it.

It took 10 years for Christopher Nolan to finish Inception. We - you and I - are to be proud of what these two have accomplished in six. Hold on for the rest of it - we are in the for long haul.

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