Monday, May 26, 2014

Mission Support Letters - Disruption Needed

Remember when mission support letters looked like this? And... I'm not trying to be mean... this is the result of a simple google image search. And I've certainly written my share of letters that look like that too.

I've said for a while now that missions support letters need to be disrupted. They are a really crass way of trying to engage your friends and family for support and they minimize your relationships with a tri fold brochure that usually isn't very compelling. However, this year, may mark a turning point. Here are two [1, 2]fantastic examples of letters from this year's round of support. Granted you don't always have to create something fantastic, but maybe you should...

Take aways:
+ Both of these took around 10-15 hours to create. Our new benchmark will be making our students spend this kind of time on these.
+ They both focused on something more than just the individual experience.
+ Both Trevin and Katie have grown up around this kind of stuff so pushing it further was pretty reasonable for them.
+ I'm not saying that you cannot raise a good amount of money if the letter you write doesn't look like this.

PS - I have a whole Google doc folder dedicated to mission support letters.

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