Friday, January 10, 2014


Dear Em --

Happy birthday and welcome to officially being a teenager. You've already realized a little bit, I daresay, that the teenage years can be filled with angst, chaos and confusion. These past few months have not been easy for you. Mommy and I have been so proud of you though - you have persevered, believed the best and acted better than we would have. We will always stand up for you even if people hate us for it.

Even with all of that, you have had a great year. In Aix, we saw you contribute to an idea bigger than yourself. It was a team that you jumped in to, and not just because your dad was in charge. I'm confident that 500 years from now, you will see the impact of your investment there. In Oreo, you have found a middle school girls best friend. Truly that dog loves you to pieces - rolling over only for you is proof enough. Don't worry though, no one else in the house is bitter than he only listens to you.

We love you. Keep following the Light that shines in the darkness. Remember to come visit me and Mommy with your dogs when we are old.